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All inclusive gender equality, not one-sided hypocrisy

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About Curt

Curt's got messy hair, yes?

Schedule: Posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at around 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT).  Posts guest posts (with his own commentary included) or responses to other blog posts about him or a post he made on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays at around 5:00 pm when available.  To contact Curt to write a guest post, contact him directly by E-mail; he will accept any post on a gender related issue from anyone with any opinion, so long as they meet the standards he sets for his own posts.

Bio: Curt Pugh (pronounced “pew”, like a church pew, NOT pug) is a 22 year old who hails from Seattle, WA.  He has recently graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a bachelor of arts in geography and a minor in history.  With that, he hopes to attain a position in the planning department in the county or one of the cities in the Seattle area.  As of the moment, he is doing temporary work in a local city, researching grants for it and helping it prepare an annual report.  He also delivers pizzas on weekends for supplementary cash and has been for three years.

Curt has little in the way of qualifications as far as gender issues go, beyond having taken a few classes related to gender studies.  All he has in the way of gender issues is an interest in the subject, a desire to advocate for what he sees as gender equality, and being fairly well read on the subject (both academically and on other blogs, ranging from feminist to anti-feminist, and all in between), and Curt believes that this is enough.  It is his belief that gender equality is a subject which concerns all individuals of all levels and backgrounds of society, not just those who have attained a certain level of academic achievement or share other characteristics.

Curt is a person of contradictions and semi-contradictions, all melded together into a unique balance.  He is amiable, yet suspicious of others and quick to argue.  He is open, but shy.  He is (or at least tries) to be courteous, though his name is defined as a form of being rude.  He is an optimist, but also a realist.  He is a perfectionist to the core, but he procrastinates like you wouldn’t believe (awful combination).  He likes to be active and doing great things, but he also likes to sleep and is often lazy.  He is patient, but often feels rushed.  He is determined with his plans, but also impulsive and spontaneous.  He likes to make people laugh, although he also likes to make people think.  Curt is never just one thing; he likes to surprise people.

Curt believes there is little in the way of absolute truths; depending on one’s values, experiences, and a wide variety of other things, many “truths” can be altered.  Curt seeks to understand and ponder these perspectives, integrating them all into a greater, more balanced perspective.  As a result, he has little in the way of a grounded, easily defined morality or ideology and prefers to keep such things very loose, open to change.  For this reason, Curt’s friends always tell him that he is the least judgmental person they know and easiest to approach with any secret.  Curt loves it when he hears a story he’s never heard before, learns an idea he’s never considered, an analysis that he would never have thought of, and a worldview that turns his upside down.

If you wish to know anything else about Curt, ask him a question anonymously.  Curt is very open about himself, with nothing to hide.

Contact: Moo2400 -at- yahoo -dot- com


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