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All inclusive gender equality, not one-sided hypocrisy

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About GEM

The Gender Equality Movement - GEM

This is not your run of the mill feminist blog.  On the contrary, I have many reserves against feminism, as should be made apparent throughout this blog.  In fact, it were these critiques which drove me to create this blog, which I call GEM (the Gender Equality Movement) – a blog devoted to what I see as actual gender equality.

While I may often be at odds with many feminists, do not mistake me or this blog as anti-feminist – this is certainly not just a critique of feminism.  I do not hold feminism to be the bane of all evil or all that is wrong with gender equality, which many anti-feminists claim.  I, in fact, believe that feminism has brought about many great things, but that its claim to be all for gender equality is flawed in some important ways; the most serious of which being its inability to address gender equality for males.

Do not mistake me or this blog as one of those “I’m not a feminist, I’m a humanist” types either.  My specific views are what they are and I avoid associating myself with any label, though I’m certain that some of my views will fit the bill for feminist, anti-feminist, humanist, and who knows what else.  I do not hold the answers to everything in regards to gender equality and will not pretend that I do, thus it is my hope if you are reading this blog to consider what I have to say and leave a critique in the comments.

For me, this blog is a way to both express my views and to learn more about the social issues surrounding gender and other related subjects.  I hope to enrich myself through writing in this blog and I’d be delighted if others along the way participated and enriched themselves as well.


One Response to “About GEM”

  1. Michael Moran said

    I came up idea of GEM yesterday and I will support you!

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