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Below is a list of changes I’ve made to the blog or certain posts, announcements, and whatever else I feel is important for readers to know.


7 July 2010: I missed Monday’s post. :/  My computer isn’t fixed, but it’s usable and I’ve figured out what to do to fix all my issues with it.  I was so tired afterward that I just went to bed rather than finish today’s post, which I originally intended to be for Monday.

1 July 2010: I finally got Wednesday’s post up.  It’s all about rape culture.  I think the one day delay was worth it; I spent more time developing that post than pretty much any post I wrote throughout June.

23 June 2010: I updated the post The Rapist Checklist.  I was unable to locate the checklist’s original source, but Daran from pointed out to me that Encyclopedia Dramatica was correct in that it came from a feminist who goes by the pseudonym of Biting Beaver.

9 June 2010: I got the Redressing the Politics of Victimization post up today, albeit delayed.  I may go back and revise it a bit, but it should be sufficient; I don’t expect any significant changes of the points made.  I also still intend to go back and revise The Poison of Identity Politics post I made last Monday; I’ll let you know when I do.  I’ve been meaning to get around to it, but a combination of busy-ness, laziness, and exhaustion have impeded my efforts to sit down and work on it any longer than 5 minutes. :/

A lot of these topics are quite abstract, going a bit over my head sometimes when I think about them too much for too long.  But I have essentially covered enough of the basics about my ideas of feminism and where I differ (mainly in their framing of everything) that I feel I can get a little more grounded without having to explain myself too much.  This is good; it means if you’ve found my posts prior to now boring at all, they may become a little more fun.  At least I hope they do.

6 June 2010: I have updated the Male Circumcision IS Genital Mutilation post.  I added information about how the removal of the penis’s foreskin has a detrimental impact, consistent with all senses, of the development of the brain’s ability to fully process sexual pleasure if done to a boy as an infant.  This is due to the male missing the critical period necessary for this.  The reason I felt this so vital to add is because many men who were circumcised at an older age often do not report that significant a desensitization of sexual pleasure, which would be explained by their not having missed that critical period.  Even if the nerves of their foreskin are now gone, they still have that area built in their brain to enhance their sexual pleasure that men circumcised as an infant do not have.

31 May 2010: I did some messing around with the pages.  I renamed the “About this Blog” page to About GEM.  I renamed the “About the Author” page to About Curt.  I trashed the “worthwhile posts” page – I figured if the posts are really that good or important, I’ll keep referring back to them throughout my future posts.  However, I may bring something similar to it back in the future.  For now, this works.

I also got rid of the “schedule” page, integrating it with the About Curt page.  This makes more sense, I think.  I also revised the About Curt page, referring to myself in the third person and giving much more information about my beliefs, thoughts, and attributes.

27 May 2010: I decided to change the pictures around in my posts around a bit so that they would be included in the excerpt of them.  I also added a few extras so a few wouldn’t appear too bare.  The reason for doing this is because, at the suggestion of a friend (as well as observing from other blogs), a picture in the excerpt jumps out at the reader more and catches their interest, enticing them to give an entry a closer look.  Plan on seeing a picture in the excerpt regularly from now on.

I also updated the commenting policy.  I added that if you have a more technical issue with one of my posts (such as a misattribution error or copyright concern), you should contact me directly rather than comment in the post itself.  This is to help ensure that the comments pertain to the discussion of the post’s point(s) and the broader topic itself.

26 May 2010: I made an error in the post Male Privilege or One-Sided Nonsense? which I feel I need to note here for those who may have read the post prior to the edit.  I had mistakenly attributed the male privilege checklist to Peggy McIntosh when in actuality it was created by Barry Deutsch over at Alas, a Blog, from which he was inspired by McIntosh’s white privilege checklist.  Also, I linked the cartoon to its original source in that same post, where it wasn’t before due to a mistake on my part.

22 May 2010: I decided to change the theme yet again, this time to Andreas09.  I really liked the last theme, but I eventually came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t colorful enough – it was almost all black and white.  Comparing my blog with other blogs dealing with gender issues, my colors came off as rather bland.  Seems gender issue blogs are colorful blogs.  Hopefully this red (my favorite color!) will do.

I also changed the blog logo you see by the URL at the top of your page from a teal colored gemstone to a red gemstone-like image I found off of Google Images.  I think it better reflects this blog’s new colors.  I also added an image into the About this Blog page of a red topaz, GEM’s signature image and gemstone from here on out.

Lastly, I added Catfucius.  Mainly for fun.  I love cats, and I especially love cats with clever wisdom.

19 May 2010: I decided to change the theme to iNove.  The last theme, ChaoticSoul, showed the page too narrowly, making posts appear longer than they actually are.  The font was also smaller and a little more difficult to read.  You could barely tell the difference between bold text and regular text.  Links on the calendar were also kind of difficult to spot as the white color of the link does not contrast very well against the gray background and the unlinked gray numbers.  This new theme should be much better.

17 May 2010: Finally got this blog started with its first post.  I almost didn’t make it as I stupidly downloaded a virus and screwed my laptop up, but after many restless nights fixing that thing up, I managed!

12 May 2010:  I conceived and created this blog last February but, due to my busy schedule these last few months finishing up college and vacationing afterward, and also to my laziness, I have yet to publish any posts.  This delay was planned as I anticipated all this.  I’ve only worked out the pages, theme, organization, and all that so far.  Expect new posts soon, hopefully starting next week.


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